Design & Paint A Piggy Bank

Design & Paint A Piggy Bank

The Claypen is a place where memories are made. Making gifts for a loved one, capturing a newborn’s footprints, birthday parties, scout troops, bridal showers and bachelorette parties, good times are a regular occurrence at this paint-your-own-pottery studio since 1996.

Where else can grandparents, teenagers, and young children sit together and share the enjoyment of creating. A trip to the Claypen can also be a reward for your child’s special achievements. And while it’s a great place for family bonding, it also makes a great date night or ladies’ night out. Feel free to bring in a bottle of wine. Painting pottery is relaxing. The atmosphere is inspiring and our attentive staff is available to help you.
There is also the option to have our studio artists paint for you. Check out our photo gallery for ideas. These make incredible wedding and anniversary gifts. Also, check out our weekly specials and be sure to take advantage of them.

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