Enjoy Harry’s Bishop’s Corner Signature Pie

Thank you to Harry’s for sending us a $25.00 gift card.

Owners, Kevin and Anne Plaut took over West Hartford’s infamous Harry’s Bishops Corner in 2007, formerly owned by Harry Rufleth. Kevin and Anne had been long time employees of Harry’s, originally meeting and working at Harry’s Pizza on Farmington Avenue. They moved to Massachusetts in 1997 for three years and returned to Connecticut in 2000 to get married and start a family. Upon their return to Connecticut, they reconnected with Harry at Harry’s Big Tomato restaurant located at Riverdale Farms in Avon CT. In 2002, Harry’s Big Tomato left Riverdale Farms to become Harry’s Bishops Corner in West Hartford. It is there that Harry was able to reconnect with the West Hartford community and reemerge as West Hartford’s premiere pizza restaurant. In 2007, Harry decided to retire from a long, successful career in the pizza business. But he didn’t want to sell the business to just anybody, so he asked Kevin and Anne if they were interested. Kevin and Anne are now the proud owners of Harry’s Bishop’s Corner and take great care of the name and reputation that has been built over the years. Kevin and Anne are so grateful to their customers for their support and encouragement.

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