Thaler Donates 2nd Sparkling Necklace to WHC-TV!

Amethyst Crystal Necklace with Fresh Water Branch Pearls

Thanks Twice! WHC-TV thanks artist Vickie Thaler twice for supporting the Take5 Auction twice! First, with the gift of pearls in a necklace. Now with this amazing amethyst crystal and freshwater branch pearl necklace. Hurry, hurry. Take5 tickets are selling fast. Call WHC-TV for yours today.

Working from her West Hartford studio, Vickie Thaler is an artist, master goldsmith, and custom jewelry designer whose work has been honored at art shows and competitions across the U.S. and overseas. A graduate of the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts  and Tufts University, she holds degrees in Metalsmithing and Art Education.

Did you know that Take5 on Oct. 23 helps support WHC-TV, home of West Hartford’s nationally recognized community television and media center whose programs include the award-winning journalism series “Be the Media.”

If you can help as an underwriter, or wish to donate to the Take5 auction, please contact Jennifer Evans, WHC-TV executive director at Or call (860) 561-7955. We would be proud to have your support. Thank you.

For tickets, click here:

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